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This blog is here to help keep my customers up to date and to help me, AJ the artist, keep a little more organized. I will update here with open and closed commission status, WIP of certain projects, what merchandise will be for sale, and what conventions I will be attending in the future!

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    Hey guys, I’m leaving for AniMinneapolis 2013 tomorrow! If you’re also going to be at the con try to find me, I’ll be handing out free magikarp magnets and buttons of my pokemon art / pony characters!

    Do don’t be afraid to approach me or yell out AJ! Even Doodleloser/CloverCoin, I’m sure I’ll look. Haha. I’ll be happy to give out what limited supply of buttons I have~<3

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      I’ll be cosplaying Stocking and then Pinkie Pie so I’ll try to find you! :D
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      I’ll have to find you. :D
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